Female Founder? Yes!

Almost two years ago we launched the Wonderful Women’s Speakers list, a public Google doc to encourage women all over the country to register their interest in judging and speaking at events. The Wonderful Women’s list remains one of the Office's most popular documents.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we’re encouraging the promotion of women once again by adding "Female Founder/CEO” as a new field for companies on TechIreland.

Never again will I sigh when asked for a well rounded list of female founders! TechIreland is proud to track and profile these companies, but first we need to gather the data.

So, if you’re a female founder, cofounder or CEO of one of the 1200+ companies on TechIreland, just email your name to Ciaran today and he’ll add "Female Founder/CEO: Yes" to your company profile.

Once the new version of TechIreland goes live (in a couple of weeks) all of this data will be easy to find and filter. We'll also publish insights and observations on the data over time - who’s funding female founders, where they’re based, their employees, sectors, and the technologies they’re building. No doubt these insights will be important and illuminating.

Female Founder Yes's have been added to a small number of TechIreland companies already - Beats Medical, Restored Hearing, Sales Optimise, Axonista, Pharmapod, Opening and Soapbox Labs, but there are at least hundreds more of you out there and we want to make sure you're all included.

Female founders, cofounders and CEOs, more power to you! You and your companies deserve recognition and a great place to start is TechIreland.

Niamh Bushnell

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