Kudos DTS!

Last week was Dublin Tech Summit week, and for a first time conference with big plans for the future I thought they delivered a triumph.

DTS had all the ingredients of a young conference full of promise - international headline speakers, spin-off evening events across the city, and entry queues to the venue and the stages that you wished were shorter and faster.

For sure, teething issues were visible here and there at DTS, but so was energy and positivity. I’ve probably never met a nicer bunch of volunteers at any conference anywhere.

I had meetings with journalists from the UK and the US, investors from China and Berlin and startups from Australia and Dubai. I got a huge amount of work done over two short days and it felt easy and enjoyable.

At every turn at DTS I also bumped into startups and investors from across Ireland, and it was so good to see them there, supporting the new kid on the block in impressive numbers.

Companies who had done their homework no doubt benefitted from DTS in spadefuls, from renewing connections to expanding their networks, and learning some new perspectives.

They said it could be done, and it turns out, they were right. Congratulations to Noelle and Ian and Ben and all the team.

The space is already blocked off on my calendar - roll on DTS 2018!

Niamh Bushnell

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