Welcome 2016

Being on holidays for the whole first week of 2016 felt a bit like being in exile to me. 2016 is such a huge year for Dublin that by mid December I was already anxious to get it started.

One of the most popular cities in the world today, 2016 is about cementing Dublin’s reputation - and more importantly, its character - as a great city for entrepreneurs and startups. We know we’ve something special and unique here, as much as we know we’ve still a long way to go. Entrepreneur and investor Liam Casey says : “Dublin doesn’t have to copy anywhere else, it just has to be the best that it can be”. Right there is our opportunity, and our challenge.

Dublin City Council, who have enthusiastically supported the work of this office from day one, agreed in November to fund two new full time consultancy roles to expand our activities.

50+ applications and a dozen interviews later, I’m thrilled to announce that Cathal O’ Sullivan and Sarah Leahy are joining the team.

Having these passionate, smart, and dynamic individuals on board is the best of all imaginable starts to the New Year for me.

2016 has finally begun and it’s so welcome:)

Niamh Bushnell

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