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The Brekkie

The Brekkie

Come join us for the 1st Friday Brekkie 2019 Series on 7th June 2019 with our keynote speaker Rosanne Longmore. 

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Tech Concierge

Interested or planning to come to Dublin? We know this city inside out and would love to introduce you to our startups, investors, government and ecosystem players. Tell Sarah, our resident concierge what you’re interested in doing, seeing and hearing and she’ll connect you up.

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Wonderful Women Speakers

Ireland makes more early stage funding available to female founder companies that almost any other tech ecosystem globally. Our female founders and business leaders are also powerful and inspiring thought leaders and speakers. Looking for a speaker, judge or panelist? You've come to a list of our best.

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The Brekkie

Come join us for the 1st Friday Brekkie 2019 Series on 7th June 2019 with our keynote speaker Rosanne Longmore. 

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Mentoring for Scale

Mentoring for Scale is a monthly, invite-only event where tech companies in the early stages of scaling get the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with experienced, serial entrepreneurs who've walked in their shoes. If you have a fulltime team, revenue and an established and growing international customer base, apply for Mentoring for Scale below.

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Brought to you by the DCU Ryan Academy


Dublin is a pro-business, pro-entrepreneur city that enjoys a huge community spirit and can do attitude, but even more can be done to encourage entrepreneurs to take risks and build global businesses from here. See our submissions to government relating to early stage investment and other policy issues critical to the success of our startups and to accelerated job creation in our economy.

Dublin Startup Stakeholders

To give you a snapshot of the tech and research landscape here in Dublin, we've put together this preliminary list of tech community stakeholders. Check it out!

Dublin Makes Me

Launched at SXSW Interactive in March 2016, Dublin Makes Me also travelled to Tech Open Air in Berlin in July 2016. Read what Martin Bryant from the Next Web had to say here.

Check out the Dublin Makes Me newspaper

Newstalk SaaS Bootcamp

The Newstalk SaaS BootCamp helps scaling B2B SaaS companies to build a sales and marketing engine for accelerated growth. 10 great Irish companies participated in the last Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is funded by Newstalk FM through our Office and delivered by the NDRC, a Dublin-based, internationally renowned tech accelerator.

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Host a Startup

Host a Startup is an exciting new programme that matches Dublin based startups to international startups visiting the city throughout the year.

Hosting can mean anything from a half hour chat over a beer or coffee to days of sharing ideas and developing new products together. It’s a chemistry thing smile

So sign up, build your network and have fun!

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